Six Ways To Make Your Children’s Work And Holiday Club More Inclusive

Posted: May 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Some practical steps to make our outreach to kids more effective for all kinds of kids – many thanks to Mark Arnold

The Additional Needs Blogfather

20% of children and young people have an additional need or disability of some kind; if your church includes children and young people, some of them are likely to need additional support.  Many of these children and young people, and their families, feel excluded from a wide range of social and other activities, including church, so how does the church reach out to and meet the needs of these children and their families?

Inclusion is something that should be offered to every child; it doesn’t stop at wider doors, ramps and disabled loos but should include creating places of belonging and developing the faith of every child, whatever their ability or needs.

As churches plan for their summer programmes, perhaps looking to run a holiday club for local children for example, or taking a group of children or young people on a summer camp, what does reaching out to children…

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