Should I raise my hands in church?

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

the urban pastor

Up until last week, I’d never addressed this issue from the front of church. I’d had a few conversations with individuals over the years. But it’s not been a massive issue. I guess that those who came to CCB who felt that we weren’t exuberant enough in singing didn’t return and found a home in another church. There are more charismatic alternatives not a million miles away from us.

It pains me when people make decisions about churches based on music. But they do. That’s one of the reasons why I want our music to be top drawer; to get people to stay long enough to give people some Bible in their Christian life. But the other, more important reason isn’t pragmatic; it’s theological. We ought to praise God with enthusiasm. Just look at Psalm 150. It’s disobedient not to praise him wholeheartedly. But the issue I’m addressing here isn’t…

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  1. Windy_London says:

    In churches with a policy against “raising hands” I don’t raise my hands. In churches where “raising hands” is the norm I’ll join in. My recommendation to all would be to sing to God with all of your heart, and worship him in spirit and truth. Try hard to be an encouragement to those around you, rather than a distraction, and consider both the horizontal axis (peer to peer) of worship as well as the vertical (child to father).


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